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Baby llama offers friendly, fun and informative baby massage courses across Cheshire and Manchester.


finn bottleAccredited by The Royal College of Midwives, baby llama offers baby massage courses across Cheshire and Manchester. The course has been developed as a comprehensive five step programme, designed to introduce both you and your baby to the basic principles of baby massage, in a clear, consistent easy to follow fashion. The sessions are run on a weekly basis to allow you time to practice the baby massage techniques at home. Complimentary bottles of organic sunflower oil are provided, as well as weekly comprehensive step-by-step notes, ensuring both you and baby feel confident to carry out the techniques at home.

sunflower-744232_640There is plenty of time to share ideas and make friends at the weekly sessions. Small, friendly group classes take place in warm & comfortable rooms, with other like minded mums across Cheshire and Manchester. As well as learning the techniques and strokes of baby massage, you’ll discover a unique bonding experience with your little one, but most importantly we’ll have some fun along the way! Classes always finish with a nice hot cup of tea and a piece of homemade cake (at baby llama we don’t need much of an excuse to enjoy a good natter and munch on something yummy!)

Baby llama understands that babies don’t always operate on the same timetable as we do, so whether they need feeding, changing, or if they’re feeling unsettled, their needs always come first. We encourage you to feel relaxed and free to attend to your baby’s needs during class. Baby massage is suitable from around 4 weeks old, right up until baby starts to crawl.

“Human beings cannot survive without touch; it is a basic behavioural need. Without touch, the human infant will surely die. With healthy touch, the human infant not only survives, but thrives” Dr Ashley Montagu

Although it might seem like a new ‘fad’ in the western world, baby massage has in fact been around for centuries. Many cultures start the practice of massage from birth, to strengthen the bond with their children, calm and help them with sleep, relieve wind and colic and generally assist with healthy development.


In the early 1970’s, a young woman going by the name of Vimala McClure, travelled to a little orphanage in Northern India to volunteer some of her time. The children lived in harsh and unjust conditions: they had insufficient food and health care, no access to education, and had survived trauma and loss. Given the circumstances, Vimala was puzzled as to why so many children were not abusive and hurtful to each other. They seemed content and expressed an authentic sense of care and compassion toward each other.

One day, while travelling to the train station, Vimala noticed something that would change her life forever. A young woman, sitting amongst the filth and chaos of poverty, was gently massaging her baby. In her own words, Vimala describes:

A young mother sat in the dirt with her baby across her knees, lovingly massaging him and singing. As I watched her, I remember thinking, there is so much more to life than material wealth. She had so little, yet she could offer her baby this beautiful gift of love and security…I thought about all the children I had known [in the orphanage] and how loving, warm and playful they were in spite of their so-called disadvantages. They took care of each other and they accepted this responsibility without reservation. Perhaps, I thought, they are able to be so loving, so relaxed and natural because they were once loved like this as infants, and infants have been loved like this in India for thousands of years (McClure, 2002).


Now widely endorsed by medical practitioners across the world, baby massage can help to:love-160783_640

  • Soothe wind and colic
  • Promote relaxation for you and baby
  • Promote growth and development
  • Balances the nervous system
  • Helps to develop the baby’s first language – touch
  • Strengthen the digestive, immune and respiratory system


Emotionally it encourages bonding and interaction between parent and baby, and enhances your baby’s feeling of being loved and secure. Our 5 week baby massage course enables you to learn and practice a baby massage routine which will help calm and relax baby.

Having a good support network around you is vital in the first few months of bringing your newborn home, so why not discover how this course is a great way to meet other mums and share experiences. For the latest course venues and dates, visit the course dates page and contact us to book your place.

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